We provide telemedicine consultation to residents of Kansas City, KS. It’s over-the-phone consulting to determine if you need medical help raising your testosterone levels or losing weight.  If determined, we can then provide mail-order delivery of your prescriptions without the need to visit a doctor’s office. Saving your time, travel, and gas.

The convenience of telemedicine cannot be beaten and our initial 90-day program has changed the health, confidence, happiness and lives of many people.

Questions? Call (316) 425-9002 and ask us.

About Our Medical Weight Loss Plan

Over 35% of people in Wichita and the state of Kansas are considered obese, meaning more than 60% of their weight is from fat. We can get you on a 90-day medical weight loss treatment plan that will rapidly reduce your weight from fat. We use a series of supplements and medications that help you curb your appetite and burn fat.

obesity chart kansas medical weight loss

Chart from the CDC website here.

Results You Can Expect From This Treatment Program

People who have followed this program have reported a total life change; from health regeneration and confidence to happiness; improved energy, libido… even reports of improved sight, hearing, sense of touch and smell.

Testosterone Replacement & Treatment Therapy For Kansas City Residents

Most men over 40 have a testosterone level of under 700. A testosterone level of 400 or below is considered very low. A testosterone level of 700-1200 is considered a ‘good’ range.  The highest recorded natural testosterone level of a man was 1200, therefor your testosterone level can medically be raised to 1200.

1200 is a very healthy level.

Testosterone is responsible for much more than such your libido. It helps you heal faster and is medically proven to reduce the risk of heart disease by keeping your levels below average.