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Men’s Health & Wellness Clinic Services

Whitefish Vitality is a men’s health & testosterone replacement therapy clinic that is devoted to helping men be stronger, live longer, and feel healthier as they age.

We do all we can to ensure your telemedicine phone consult is informative, comfortable & quick.

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Our Men’s Health Clinic Services

  • Advanced Health Telemedicine Consults – these are comprehensive blood analysis examinations with full blood profile and prostate testing where required. Testosterone therapy has been monumentally helpful in the overall health treatment for men
  • Prostate Health – whether you are experiencing urinary and other symptoms and need lab work and testing or whether you are screening for preventative purposes, we can help
  • Erectile Dysfunction – our men’s health clinic can provide diagnosis and treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Sexual Health – all testing on-site at our Bel Aire clinic, same-day results for many infections, and a discreet and professional service

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