Telehealth: Benefits & Advantages

What Are the Benefits of Telehealth?

Telehealth provides tools that improve access to healthcare and make healthcare more cost-effective and efficient. Telehealth tools also improve health outcomes, remove barriers of geographical distance and healthcare provider shortages.

Another important advantage of telehealth is that it allows the aging citizens to age in place and keep their independence for as long as possible.

Telehealth allows you to share information with your physician in real-time using a computer, telephone, or smartphone. Telemedicine software allows you to receive medical attention and care from the comfort of your home. You can also see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment without having to wait for an appointment at their office.

What are the Disadvantages of Telehealth?

Despite many advantages, telehealth has a few challenges as well.

One of the main disadvantages of telehealth is cost and availability. Some people don’t have access to telemedicine services and healthcare providers. Also, telehealth and telemedicine may be expensive to set up and maintain for small healthcare facilities.

Furthermore, some people simply prefer face-to-face contact with their healthcare provider, so telehealth is not the best option for them. Also, some doctors are struggling with the use of modern technology and show resistance to telehealth.

Technology is reliable most of the time. However, electronic glitches happen from time to time, which can complicate your online consultations with a doctor and generate frustration and stress.

Note: Despite its numerous benefits, telemedicine does not fully replace seeing your primary care doctor for in-person checkups but rather serves as an adjunct, especially during these unique times.


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