What Can Telehealth Treat?

Here are the most common services that telehealth includes:

Primary Care Medicine

Telemedicine healthcare providers offer primary care telemedicine. This includes seeing patients for things like; colds and flu, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, rashes, infections, insect bites, diarrhea, UTIs, pink eye, sinusitis, etc…

Other Telehealth Services

Remote Patient Monitoring

Furthermore, telemedicine covers remote patient monitoring, including home telehealth.

Consumer Medical and Health Information

You can use the Internet and wireless devices to obtain specialized health information and provide peer-to-peer support.

Health Education

Medical education is intended for health professionals and targeted groups in remote locations.

Note: Despite its numerous benefits, telemedicine does not fully replace seeing your primary care doctor for in-person checkups but rather serves as an adjunct, especially during these unique times.


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