What Makes Telehealth Successful?

Access to Healthcare

Telehealth improves your access to healthcare. While e-care will not completely replace face-to-face consultations with your doctor, it can make medical care more accessible to patients who live in rural areas, have a chronic illness or limited mobility.

The Cost of Healthcare

Good telehealth programs allow you to receive quality medical care at the same time reducing the cost of care (for example, eliminating travel expenses). Telehealth helps improve communication between the care providers and their patients and increasing access to preventive care services. This may reduce hospital readmission rates and reduce the overall cost of care for healthcare facilities.


Telehealth programs are designed to comply with HIPAA regulations which aim to protect sensitive healthcare information and use a reliable digital infrastructure to ensure patients’ safety.

In other words, by using telehealth, your healthcare facility meets your medical needs without putting you at risk.

Note: Despite its numerous benefits, telemedicine does not fully replace seeing your primary care doctor for in-person checkups but rather serves as an adjunct, especially during these unique times.


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